CAST and National Pork Board Partner to Provide Information on Zoonotic Pathogens
Press Release
January 23, 2009

For Immediate Release New CAST Special Publication Evaluates Zoonotic, Bacterial, Viral, and Parasitic Pathogens in […]

Biodiesel Developing into Accepted Alternative Fuel
Press Release
October 24, 2008

For Immediate Release CAST Releases New Commentary Evaluating Biodiesel Production   October 27, 2008…Ames, Iowa. The […]

Second Carcass Disposal Paper Highlights Poultry
Press Release
October 21, 2008

For Immediate Release October 21, 2008 … Ames, Iowa. The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology […]

Alfalfa Gene Flow Focus of CAST Special Publication
Press Release
September 15, 2008

For Immediate Release September 15, 2008…Ames, Iowa. U.S. alfalfa growers produce for various markets. Access […]

New CAST Commentary Addresses Respiratory Disease in Sheep
Press Release
August 12, 2008

For Immediate Release August 12, 2008…Ames, Iowa. Disease has contributed significantly to the decline of […]

CAST Releases First in Series about Carcass Disposal
Press Release
July 1, 2008

For Immediate Release CAST Paper Evaluates Disposal of Swine Carcasses in Routine and Catastrophic Conditions […]

Better Vaccines Will Benefit Animal Agriculture
Press Release
May 5, 2008

For Immediate Release Vaccines for Animal Diseases are Focus of New CAST Paper May 5, […]

Water Quality is the Focus of New CAST Publication
Press Release
March 19, 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAST Releases New Special Publication on Water Quality / Quantity Issues for Turfgrass […]

Biotech Crop Gene Flow Featured in New Issue Paper
Press Release
December 12, 2007

For Immediate Release New CAST Paper Addresses the Implications of Gene Flow related to Commercial […]

New CAST Commentary Evaluates Risk of Biofuel Crops Becoming Invasive Species
Press Release
November 5, 2007

For Immediate Release The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) is releasing a new […]