Benefits of Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Plants and Algae in the United States

CAST Commentaries - QTA2014-1 - July 2014
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Aquatic plants are often dealt with on a local scale, when in reality they impact wide areas outside of the traditional lake or river habitat. They can affect aesthetics, drainage, fishing, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, flood control, human and animal health, hydropower generation, irrigation, navigation, recreation, and, ultimately, land values. The authors of this paper emphasize the necessity for the skillful management of nuisance aquatic plants and algae, and they hope regulators, managers, stakeholders, and legislators gain scientific insights about this important issue. Chair: Kurt Getsinger, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS.

QTA2014-1, 12 pp., July 2014. Available free online.

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Task Force Chair

Kurt Getsinger

Task Force Author(s)

Eric Dibble

John Rodgers, Jr.

David Spencer

Task Force Reviewers

Cody Gray

Tyler Koschnick

Michael Netherland

Task Force Board Liaison

John Madsen

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