Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: IV. Infrastructure Considerations for Biomass Harvest, Transportation, and Storage

CAST Commentaries - QTA2010-1 - September 2010
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A panel of experts has outlined key issues regarding biomass crops by examining the harvest, transportation, and storage of cellulosic material. Task Force Chair Jerry Fruin indicates that successful biomass feedstock production depends on the smooth blending of successful approaches to these three logistical necessities. Citing a number of research activities aimed at providing solutions to specific processes within the feedstock chain, they look at biomass collection, storage, and costs, and then highlight results from studies regarding switchgrass and corncobs. Chair: Dr. Jerry Fruin, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul.

QTA2010-1, 8pp., September 2010. Available free online.

Publication Impact Report – September 2010

Task Force Author(s)

Mark Stowers
Kelly Tiller

Task Force Reviewers

G. Philip Robertson
Kurt Thelen
K.C. Ting

Task Force Board Liaison

Gary Heichel
Todd Peterson

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