Diversifying U.S. Crop Production

Issue Papers - IP 6 - February 1996
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For more than a century, crop price instability has dogged U.S. farmers. And in the past 60 years–despite federal subsidy and acreage reduction programs meant to stabilize farm income–farm numbers, farm populations, and rural prosperity have declined ominously. Public concerns over food safety, commodity program costs, and agricultural sustainability have become important policy issues. Restriction of research funding and crop support payments to major commodity crops has undermined the potential of new crops to alleviate related concerns and pressures. The search for and development of new crops is critical to U.S. agriculture and would improve its sustainability through diversification. Chair: Jules Janick, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

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Task Force Chair

Jules Janick

Task Force Reviewers

Larry Busch
Bob Kleiman
Laura Lengnick
Timothy Penny
Ronald Sampson

Task Force Members

Melvin Blase
Duane Johnson
Gary Jolliff
Robert Myers
Anson “Tommy” Thompson

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