Gains Foregone by Going GMO Free: Potential Impacts on Consumers, the Environment, and Agricultural Producers

CAST Commentaries - QTA2021-2 - November 2021
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As both global population and disposable income are expected to increase in the near future more efficient use of natural resources is necessary to deliver dietary needs and wants while limiting the impact of agricultural production on the environment. The ability of genetic improvement techniques, like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to provide such innovation cannot be trivialized. Moreover, innovation in agricultural production is necessary to aid in combatting the negative effects of climate change and new pest and disease pressures that result from trade between geographical regions.  The objective of this paper is to communicate the benefits of GMOs and the potential cost to society if the technology were removed from the marketplace. The authors blend results from academic research, public agencies, and statements from non-profit and scientific organizations to highlight the positive effects of GMO adoption.

This paper is dedicated to the memory of Wallace E. Tyner and Wallace E. Huffman; two scholars who made rich contributions to this area of study.

Chair: Brandon McFadden, University of Delaware

QTA2021-2, November 2021, 20 pp. Available free online.

Publication Impact Report — 18-month report (June 2023)

Task Force Chair

Brandon McFadden

Task Force Authors

Ellen Goddard

Jayson Lusk

Jill McClusky

Stuart J. Smyth

Farzad Taheripour

Wallace E. Tyner

Alison Van Eenennaam

Task Force Reviewers

Graham Brookes

Matin Qaim

Kym Anderson

Task Force Board Liaisons

Mark Armfelt

Gabe Middleton

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