Management of Pest Resistance: Strategies Using Crop Management, Biotechnology, and Pesticides

Special Publications - SP24 - June 2004
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The April 2003 CAST-convened symposium on pest resistance management (PRM) was the first such U.S.-based multidisciplinary stakeholder meeting in nearly a decade. Major objectives included identifying common issues related to PRM across disciplines, considering ways to remove barriers to effective preventive resistance management, describing research activities in PRM, and disseminating this information to a wide audience of stakeholders. Fifty-two presentations are collected in this proceedings. Barry J. Jacobsen, Montana State University, Symposium Chair, and Sharlene R. Matten, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Proceedings Chair.



Task Force Chair

Sharlene Matten

Task Force Author(s)

Pierre Beauchamp
Charles Benbrook
Kevin Brussell
Roger Carter
Natalie DiNicola
Les Glasgow
Doug Gurian-Sherman
Aaron Hager
D. Hardee

Task Force Author(s)

David Heering
Thomas Holtzer
Barry Jacobsen
Monte Johnson
Roger Kaiser
John Keeling
Wolfram Koeller
Carol Mallory-Smith
H. Mellinger

Task Force Author(s)

Patricia O’Leary
Gilberto Olaya
Caydee Savinelli
Margaret Smith
Kevin Steffey
Kevin Steffey
Walter Stevenson
Larry Stowell
Gary Thompson
Mark Whalon

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