The Endangered Species Act: Interfacing with Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems

CAST Commentaries - QTA2009-2 - October 2009
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This Commentary explores the interaction between the regulatory policy of the Endangered Species Act, public perception, and science in relation to the interpretation of risk to endangered species from various “stressors” associated with agricultural practices. In the absence of definitive government policy, courts are establishing risk mitigation procedures that may adversely affect agricultural productivity and practices. The authors address several potential remedies, including (1) better communication, (2) clear policy and agency coordination, (3) recognition and consideration of long-term impacts, and (4) balanced and consistent implementation. Chair: Bernalyn McGaughey, Compliance Services International, Lakewood, Washington.

QTA2009-2, 8 pp., October 2009. Available free online.

Publication Impact Report – April 2010

Task Force Chair

Bernalyn McGaughey

Task Force Author(s)

Lars Anderson

Michael Bodenchuk

Task Force Reviewers

William Irvin

John Jachetta

David Volz

Bently Wigley

Task Force Board Liaison

Phillip Stahlman

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