The Role of Agricultural Science and Technology in Climate 21 Project Implementation

CAST Commentaries - QTA2021-1 - June 2021
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Q&A from the June 29, 2021 Webinar
The transition team for the Biden Administration introduced the Climate 21 Project as the blueprint for how the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can help advance the role of agriculture and forestry to mitigate and adapt to climate change pressures. The key program recommendations and opportunities for the USDA signal climate change as a top priority for the department. This order from the Secretary directs the department to invest in natural climate solutions, incentivize climate smart agriculture and rural investment through financial tools, decarbonize rural energy and promote green energy and smart grids, and prioritize federal investment to address wildfire. Agricultural science and technology play a critical role in each of these priorities that the administration plans to implement in the first 100 days.
This report will summarize for each of the key recommendations and priorities where current agricultural science and technology for plant and animal production can be applied and where new investments will be critical to meeting the goals of the administration. Topics covered includes:

Chair: David Baltensperger, Texas A&M University

QTA2021-1, June 2021, 28 pp. Available free online.

Publication Impact Report – December 2022

Task Force Chair

David Baltensperger

Task Force Authors

Manojit Basu

Zhengxia Dou

Sally Flis

David Galligan

Marty Matlock

Cristine Morgan

Debbie Reed

Task Force Authors

Charles W. Rice

Gerald Shurson

J. Alex Thomasson

Addie M. Thompson

Allison Thompson

Juan M. Tricarico

Jianming Yu

Task Force Reviewers

John Jones

Todd Peterson

Jill Schroeder

John Swarthout

Dwight Tomes

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