Urban and Agricultural Communities: Opportunities for Common Ground

Task Force Reports - R138 - May 2002
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The changing role of agriculture in urban settings is considered in this comprehensive report written by a twelve-member task force. The report frames “urban agriculture” in both historical and contemporary American society, providing a picture of geographic, demographic, and economic changes in rural and metropolitan life. Policy issues such as land preservation, alternative market opportunities, sprawl, taxation, and food security are considered. Research and educational challenges are presented for consideration by those at institutions of higher education, including land-grant universities. Cochairs: Lorna Michael Butler, College of Agriculture, Departments of Sociology and Anthropology, Iowa State University, Ames, and Dale M. Maronek, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.

R138, May 2002, ISBN 1-88783-20-4, 124 pp., Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

Task Force Co-chair

Dale Maronek

Lorna Michael – Butler

Task Force Author(s)

Nelson Bills

Ray Bryant

Mary Collins

Tim Davis

Julia Freedgood

Frank Howell

John Kelly

Lawrence Libby

Kami Pothukuchi

Diane Relf

John Thomas

Paul Thompson

Task Force Reviewers

Mark Lapping

Douglas Lawrence

John Sloan

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