Well-Being of Agricultural Animals

Task Force Reports - R130 - September 1997
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Concern for the welfare of farm animals is mounting in the United States. Although many of the issues of agricultural animal welfare probably will be resolved politically, the CAST task force recommends that scientists become involved in clarifying the issue. Chair: Stanley E. Curtis, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

R130, ISBN 1-887383-10-7, September 1997, 34 pp., Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

Task Force Co-chair

Frank Baker

Stanley Curtis

Task Force Author(s)

Jack Albright

James Craig

Temple Grandin

Harold Guither

John McGlone

James McKean

Gerald Riskowski

W. Ray Stricklin

Carolyn Stull

Task Force Members

Jake Looney

Paul Siegel

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