Biotechnology-derived, Perennial Turf and Forage Grasses: Criteria for Evaluation

Special Publications - SP25 - May 2004
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Following a 2-day workshop sponsored jointly by CAST and the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, an 11-member task force undertook the writing of this publication to present in summarized form the contributions made by the diverse group of workshop participants, as well as those who submitted comments before and after the formal meetings. Major sections include: principles supporting ecological risk assessment and regulatory decision making; background information on perennial grasses; gene migration and weed management of biotechnology-derived (BD) perennial grasses; criteria for evaluating BD grasses; and a summary of workshop responses and public comments. Cochairs: Michael Kenna, U.S. Golf Association, and William K. Hallman, Rutgers University.


Task Force Co-chair

William Hallman
Michael Kenna

Task Force Author(s)

Carol Auer
Michael Casler
Andrew Hopkins
Keith Karnok
Carol Mallory-Smith
Robert Shearman
John Stier
Charles Taliaferro
Fred Yelverton

Task Force Reviewers

Karen Hokanson
Peter Jenkins
Kevin Jensen
Marilyn Jordan
Day Peter
Hector Quemada
John Rooney
Alison Snow
J. Bryan Unruh

Task Force Steering Committee

William Hallman
Keith Karnok
Michael Kenna
Virgil Meier
Cindy Richard
Brian Steinwand
John Turner
J. Bryan Unruh
James White

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