Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities

Task Force Reports - R142 - October 2011
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The need to decrease concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Earth’s atmosphere has been identified as one of the most pressing modern-day environmental issues. Agriculture, in addition to being affected by the climate, contributes to climate change through its exchanges of GHGs with the atmosphere. This report provides up-to-date information on the science of carbon sequestration and GHG mitigation for various sectors of U.S. agriculture, including logistical and economic considerations for implementing practices designed to decrease GHG emissions from agriculture. The report draws on elements of the related 2004 CAST Task Force Report, Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Challenges and Opportunities for Agriculture. Cochairs: Ron Follett, USDA-ARS-NPA; Sian Mooney, Boise State University; Jack Morgan, USDA-ARS-NPA; Keith Paustian, Colorado State University.

R142, October 2011, ISBN 978-1-887383-33-2, 106 pp., Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

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Publication Impact Report – November 2011

Task Force Co-chair

Ronald Follett

Sian Mooney

Jack Morgan

Keith Paustian

Task Force Author(s)

Leon Hartwell Allen, Jr.

Shawn Archibeque

Stephen Del Grosso

Justin Derner

Feike Dijkstra

Alan Franzluebbers

Luba Kurkalova

Bruce McCarl

Stephen Ogle

William Parton

Jeff Peterson

G. Philip Robertson

Michele Schoeneberger

Tristram West

Jeff Williams

Task Force Reviewers

John Baker

Henry Janzen

Task Force Board Liaison

Keith Newhouse

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