Food Biofortification—Reaping the Benefits of Science to Overcome Hidden Hunger

Issue Papers - IP69 - October 2020
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Biofortification is a process of increasing the density of minerals and vitamins in a food crop through conventional plant breeding, transgenic techniques, or agronomic practices. Biofortified staple food crops, when consumed regularly substituting one-for-one with non-biofortified staple food crops, will generate measurable improvements in human nutrition and health. This paper describes the progress made in disseminating, testing, and developing biofortified food crops with both conventional plant breeding and genetic engineering. Food Biofortification—Reaping the Benefits of Science to Overcome Hidden Hunger is a paper in the series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050.

IP69, October 2020, 40 pp. Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

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