The Importance of Communicating Empirically Based Science for Society

CAST Commentaries - QTA2020-5 - September 2020
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This paper discusses the crucial factors of what we define as empirically based science (rigorous, proven methodologies, and peer reviewed results), emphasizing that whether science is conducted by a private company, a university, or a government department or agency, it is all the same, requiring that sound methodologies be followed. Scientific research protocols and methodologies have been developed, reviewed and refined, through the application of each scientific method and the peer review of experimental protocols and results, creating global standards on research methods. Empirical science is empirical science, it is not an ice cream flavor, one cannot pick and choose which aspect of the scientific method to support and which to reject. The application of empirical science is consistent, whether applied to climate change, vaccines or GM crops and foods.

Chair: Stuart Smyth, University of Saskatchewan

QTA2020-5, September 2020, 28 pp. Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

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Task Force Chair

Stuart Smyth

Task Force Authors

Jon Entine

Ruth MacDonald

Cami Ryan

Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe

Task Force Reviewers

Alexandra Grygorczyk

Sarah Lukie

Caroline Rhodes

Task Force Board Liaison

Gabe Middleton

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