Implications of Gene Flow in the Scale-up and Commercial Use of Biotechnology-derived Crops: Economic and Policy Considerations

Issue Papers - IP37 - December 2007
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This Issue Paper identifies the nature of gene flow and discusses the relatively limited situations in which it is likely to cause economic problems in the production of commercial biotech crops. The paper explains how gene flow relates to adventitious presence, describes the biological traits being imparted into biotech crops, summarizes present risk assessment and regulatory mechanisms, and discusses potential economic effects and policy and research ramifications of gene flow of commercial biotech crops. (Keywords: Biotechnology, GMO, Biotech Crops, gene flow, alfalfa, GE, genetically engineered) Chair: David Gealy, USDA–Agricultural Research Service, Stuttgart, Arkansas.

IP37, December 2007, 24 pp., Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

Publication Impact Report – February 2008

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Task Force Chair

David Gealy

Task Force Author(s)

Kent Bradford
Linda Hall
Richard Hellmich
Margaret Mellon
Alan Raybould
Alison Snow
Jeff D. Wolt
David Zilberman

Task Force Reviewers

Chet Boruff
Val Giddings
Tom Nickson
Barbara Schaal
Luiz Antonio Barreto de Castro

Task Force Board Liaison

Kassim Al-Khatib

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