Water Quality and Quantity Issues for Turfgrasses in Urban Landscapes

Special Publications - SP27 - March 2008
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Scientists have documented an array of benefits to the environment and to humans resulting from turfgrasses. Water management is a key component of healthy turfgrasses, and it directly affects nutrient use efficiency and plant productivity. This Special Publication, which follows from a 2006 workshop, presents the best current science for the efficient use of water for turfgrasses in urban landscapes, including considerations for low-precipitation landscapes, water quality protection, water use policies, pesticide leaching, nutrient transport in surface runoff, water requirements, cultural practices, and irrigation systems. An evaluation of these issues is critical for determining future research needs and public policy decisions. Coeditors: Dr. James B. Beard, Professor Emeritus, Texas A & M University, College Station and Dr. Michael P. Kenna, U.S. Golf Association, Green Section Research, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

SP27, March 2008, 298 pp., plus 16-pp. full-color insert. Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

Task Force Chair

Michael Kenna

Task Force Author(s)

Bruce Branham

Robert Carrow

Stuart Cohen

Dale Devitt

Douglas Fender

Calvin Finch

Beth Hall

Ali Harivandi

Bingru Huang

Mike Huck

Kevin King

Ed McCoy

Andrew Richardson

Robert Shearman

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