Vaccine Development Using Recombinant DNA Technology

Issue Papers - IP38 - May 2008
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PART 7, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.” Infectious animal diseases continue to rank foremost among the significant factors limiting efficient production in animal agriculture. In addition, infectious agents that are transmitted from animals to humans by way of food and water present an increasing threat to the safety and security of the world food supply and continue to affect human health significantly. Animal vaccines are among the most effective, successful tools for preventing and controlling infectious diseases in animal agriculture. This Issue Paper addresses these concerns and provides details about specific diseases and vaccines. Chair: Mark W. Jackwood, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, University of Georgia, Athens.

IP38, May 2008, 12 pp., Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

(Keywords: Biotechnology, GMO, animal production, animal vaccines, animal agriculture, animal disease)

Task Force Chair

Mark Jackwood

Task Force Author(s)

Leslie Hickle

Sanjay Kapil

Robert Silva

Task Force Reviewers

Klaus Osterrieder

Christopher Prideaux

Ronald Schultz

Task Force Board Liaison

Alan Bell

Dale Layfield

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