Mycotoxins: Economic and Health Risks

Task Force Reports - R116 - December 1989
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This report stresses the importance of the economic and health risks of naturally occurring fungal toxins known as mycotoxins. These diverse toxins potentially occur in foods and feeds and can cause a wide range of injury when consumed by humans and animals. Contents: Animal health, human health, occurrence, economic impacts, control and management, and research needs. Chairs: John L. Richard, USDA, ARS, and Richard J. Cole, USDA ARS.

R116, December 1989, 99 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.


Task Force Co-chair

Richard Cole
John Richard

Task Force Members

Sandra Archibald
Lloyd Bullerman
John Groopman
Winston Hagler
Clifford Hesseltine
Dennis Hsieh
Fredrick Oehme
James Pestka
Timothy Phillips
Albert Pohland
Steven Swanson
Allan Watson
Thomas Whitaker
David Wilson
Fu-Li Yu

Task Force Technical Advisor

Scott Appleton
David Bechtel
Steve Ziller

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