Alternative Agriculture: Scientists’ Review

Special Publications - SP16 - July 1990
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Reviews by 44 leading scientists support and criticize the 1989 National Research Council report, Alternative Agriculture. The authors represent the disciplines of agricultural engineering, food science, toxicology, animal sciences, crop and soil sciences, economics sociology, weed science, entomology, and plant pathology. Chair: Lowell S. Jordan, University of California, Riverside.

SP16, July 1990, 182 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.


Task Force Members

John Abernathy
Samuel Aldrich
R. E. Bradley
Harold Carter
Robert Devlin
Donald Dickson
Michael Duffy
Richard Fawcett
Cornelia Flora
Leonard Gianessi

Task Force Members

Joseph Guenther
Richard Hahn
Virgil Hays
Glenn Helmers
William Hohenboken
Barry Jacobson
James Jordan
Thomas Jukes
Patricia Kendall
Ellery Knake

Task Force Members

Gary Lee
J. Legates
Gordon Marten
John Marten
Fred Miller
Gary Osweiler
Arnold Paulsen
Don Peters
Clinton Reeder
Leon Russell

Task Force Members

Vernon Ruttan
M. Scott Smith
Robert Sweet
Allen Trenkle
Luther Tweeten
John Walker
Maurice Watson
Philip Westra
Karen Wilken
Dean Zimmerman

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