Pasteurellosis Transmission Risks between Domestic and Wild Sheep

CAST Commentaries - QTA2008-1 - August 2008
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Native North American wild sheep species are very susceptible to pneumonia and particularly to pasteurellosis. Although the current understanding about pasteurellosis in wild and domestic sheep is incomplete, respiratory disease clearly is a serious problem in both. This Commentary discusses pneumonic pasteurellosis in domestic sheep, pasteurellosis in wild sheep, and the risks to wild sheep associated with domestic sheep interactions. The authors also address research needs and strategies for minimizing the risk of interspecies disease transmission. Chair: Dr. Michael W. Miller, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Wildlife Research Center, Fort Collins.

QTA2008-1, 8 pp., August 2008.AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY.


Task Force Chair

Michael Miller

Task Force Author(s)

Marie Bulgin
Donald Knowles

Task Force Reviewers

Billy Clay
Walter Cook
Subramaniam Srikumaran

Task Force Board Liaison

Dale Layfield
David Scarfe

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