Animal Productivity and Genetic Diversity: Cloned and Transgenic Animals

Issue Papers - IP43 - August 2009
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This paper discusses two of the most recent reproductive technologies used to improve agronomic traits in livestock. One main limitation to the further development and use of these technologies has been the lack of public acceptance. The 8-member international task force suggests that the government develop a regulatory process that addresses consumers’ apprehension while offering realistic expectations of biotechnology. The authors address topics including the cloning of farm animals for breeding and direct food consumption; disease resistance in transgenic animals; and the use of transgenics for improved food safety and quality, decreased environmental impact, and increased production efficiency. (Keywords: biotechnology, GMO, animal production, transgenic animals) Chair: Robert Wall, Agricultural Research Service’s Animal and Natural Resources Institute, Beltsville, Maryland.

IP43, August 2009, 16 pp. Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

Publication Impact Report – November 2009

Task Force Chair

Robert Wall

Task Force Author(s)

Goetz Laible
Elizabeth Maga
Jim (James) Murray
George Seidel, Jr .
Bruce Whitelaw
Xiangzhong (Jerry) Yang

Task Force Reviewers

David Kerr
Charles (Chuck) Long
Matthew Wheeler

Task Force Board Liason

Donald Beitz
Dale Layfield

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