Biofuel Feedstocks: The Risk of Future Invasions

CAST Commentaries - QTA2007-1 - November 2007
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In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, expand domestic energy production, and maintain economic growth, public and private investments are being used to pursue dedicated feedstock crops for biofuel production. This commentary addresses the necessary balance between designing biofuel feedstock crops to require minimal inputs yet preventing them from surviving outside the cultivated environment.

Chair: Dr. Joseph DiTomaso, University of California-Davis. QTA2007-1, 8 pp., November 2007. Available free online.

Publication Impact Report – February 2008


Task Force Chair

Joe DiTomaso

Task Force Author(s)

Jacob Barney
Alison Fox

Task Force Reviewers

Curtis Daehler
Steven Dewey
Jodie Holt

Task Force Board Liaison

Kassim Al-Khatib

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