Convergence of Agriculture and Energy: III. Considerations in Biodiesel Production

CAST Commentaries - QTA2008-2 - October 2008
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Concern about rising prices and unstable sources of petroleum fuels is driving the search for U.S. domestically produced, renewable transportation fuels, such as biodiesel, which is developing into a widely accepted alternative fuel. The U.S. biodiesel industry is struggling because of high prices for its feedstocks, vegetable oils, and animal fats. High feedstock prices also are affecting international biodiesel production, but requirements to lower greenhouse gas emissions continue to stimulate interest in the fuel. The authors of this new CAST Commentary explain the biodiesel production process and discuss quality requirements, characteristics of biodiesel, biodiesel economics, and energy balance. Chair: Jon Van Gerpen, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Idaho, Moscow.

QTA2008-2, 8 pp., October 2008. Available free online.

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Task Force Chair

John Van Gerpen

Task Force Author(s)

Allan Gray
Brent Shanks

Task Force Reviewers

Beth Calabotta
Mike Edgerton
Drew Kershen
Alan Weber

Task Force Board Liaison

Richard Joost
Todd Peterson

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