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Grazing on Public Lands
December, 1996

  Approximately 262 million acres of public land in the western United States are grazed […]

Integrated Animal Waste Management
November, 1996

  A broad spectrum of integrated manure management systems are available to collect, transfer, store, […]

Future of Irrigated Agriculture
August, 1996

Farmers irrigating in the western United States face a host of changing circumstances that will […]

Radiation Pasteurization of Food
April, 1996

Foodborne bacteria cause as many as 9,000 deaths in the United States annually; yet scientifically proven safe, low doses of pasteurizing radiation can kill over 99% of most foodborne bacteria. Radiation pasteurization safely controls foodborne pathogens on beef, pork, lamb, and seafood.

Diversifying U.S. Crop Production
February, 1996

For more than a century, crop price instability has dogged U.S. farmers. And in the past 60 years–despite federal subsidy and acreage reduction programs meant to stabilize farm income–farm numbers, farm populations, and rural prosperity have declined ominously.

Scientific Societies: Conversations on Change
January, 1996

Summary of a workshop designed to create awareness of critical changes in the workplace. Members […]

Quality of U.S. Agricultural Products
January, 1996

Accurate assessment of the quality of agricultural products is essential in today’s rapidly globalizing economy. […]

Competitiveness of U.S. Agriculture and the Balance of Payments
October, 1995

U.S. agricultural producers and food processors will need to focus on adding value to agricultural […]

Waste Management and Utilization in Food Production and Processing
October, 1995

Comprehensive report on wastes from crop production, poultry farms, swine production, cattle feedlots, dairy farms, food processing, and seafood production and processing. Chairs: Larry L. Boersma, Department of Soil Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, and Ishwar P. Murarka, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California.

Conservation Reserve: A Survey of Research and Interest Groups
July, 1995

This CAST Report summarizes Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) policy literature and a survey of key […]