2013 Borlaug CAST Communication Award

On Thursday, May 9, at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., CAST President Phillip Stahlman announced that Jeff Simmons is the 2013 Borlaug CAST Communication Award winner. Mark Cackler of the World Bank opened the event, and CAST EVP Linda M. Chimenti introduced the 2012 BCCA recipient Dr. Carl Winter. He spoke to the gathering about Food Safety Communications in the 21st Century. After the award announcement, DuPont Business Director John L. Chrosniak gave the closing remarks.
Jeff Simmons–Ag Executive, Leader, and Communicator
Press Release:  The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) announces that the prestigious 2013 Borlaug CAST Communication Award goes to Jeff Simmons, the President of Elanco. Nominees must demonstrate an ability to communicate by written material; public presentations; and/or the use of television, radio, or other social media. Simmons was nominated by colleagues from several corporations and nonprofit organizations. They recognize his significant contributions, including his passion about finding solutions for world hunger. Simmons is praised for his understanding of scientific data, his enthusiasm for agricultural innovations, and his support for the organizations and companies working on food security in a hungry world.
Knowledge and energy alone would not make Simmons a successful leader on the global stage. He is also able to communicate effectively with various audiences. As one colleague noted, “Simmons has that special ability to put the multiple complex issues involved in confronting hunger and the critical role of science in that process in terms that are not only understandable but inspiring.”

Established in 1986 by CAST, the annual award goes to a specialist who communicates the importance of food and agricultural science to the public, policymakers, and the news media. Simmons’ noted ability to communicate credible scientific information has made him a respected expert in his field and a popular speaker at agriculture and science events.

Simmons began developing his passion for food security as an ag student and FFA member in New York, where he gathered experience and awards at an early age. After studying marketing and agricultural economics at Cornell, he joined Elanco, and his abilities led to leadership roles for the company in Brazil and Europe.  During the ensuing years, he has built a reputation for his writing, speaking, and organizing expertise. His international experience gave him broad perspectives on food and agriculture, and he has published two white papers on the problems of global hunger. Simmons supports many groups ranging from Gleaners Food Bank to Heifer International, and he has traveled worldwide in an effort to make food security a reality for all.

One nominator sums up Simmons’ impact this way: “Jeff’s affable personality and warmth balance his dynamic energy, intellectualism, and excitement when talking about our food future, so the message is readily received. Jeff can distill data and present it so that it is easily understandable, garnering confidence and trust in the premise conveyed.”

Diverse audiences benefit from Simmons’ insights because he has a clear message and an ability to bring statistics and research into focus. He addresses groups that include senior business executives, government officials, research scientists, and 4-H or FFA members. Simmons gets his point across whether he is working face to face, on YouTube, or through Twitter (@JeffSimmons2050). In the modern world of agriculture, he is an inspiring communicator and a worthy recipient of the 2013 Borlaug CAST Communication Award.

An award presentation will occur at a breakfast co hosted by DuPont and CAST as a side event at the World Food Prize Symposium on October 16, 2013, in Des Moines, Iowa. The Borlaug CAST Communication Award honors the legacies of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug and Dr. Charles A. Black, the first president of CAST.

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