CAST Champion Award

The success of CAST is dependent on strong volunteer efforts of people in many roles. Some individual members serve CAST on the board; other members and some nonmembers provide CAST with quality publications and workshop proceedings as chairpersons, authors, and reviewers. All of these people are invaluable to the success of CAST. There are citations, speaking opportunities, and personal recognition for serving in these positions. Each of these inputs is critical, and while it is sometimes challenging to acquire people with time to devote to these tasks, it is even harder to find “active” members who are willing to promote CAST by working to secure funding, new members, and support for special projects such as, but not limited to, the Charles A. Black endowment fund. It is critical that CAST reward and encourage these members who contribute their time, talent, and personal contacts to benefit CAST in extraordinary ways.

The following people have received a CAST Champion Award:

2006—Kip Sander, Fundraiser

2009—Edward A. Hanlon, CAST Executive Committee Member and Treasurer

2009—Richard Reynnells, National Program Leader, USDA

2010—Claude Brown, CAST Board Member and meeting organizer

2010—Gale Buchanan, CAST Board of Trustees Chair and Task Force Chair

2011—Tom Van Arsdall, Executive Director, National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research

2018—Jay Vroom, Vice Chairman, CropLife Foundation Board

2019—Ken Quinn, President, World Food Prize Foundation

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