CAST President’s Award

The President’s Award is a CAST honor that recognizes those individuals who have personally contributed to the advancement of CAST and who have furthered the cause of agriculture, science, and technology in a world so dependent on all three disciplines. The award is a bronze medallion, crafted by artist Jerry Palen. The inscription reads: “Sun, Earth, Water, Mankind. In synergy with science and technology to create a sustainable world supported by plants and animals.

The following people have received a CAST President’s Award:

2007—Richard Stuckey, CAST Executive Vice President (1992–2001)

2008—Tom Harkin, Senator (Iowa)

2011—Clare Hasler-Lewis, Executive Director, Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, UC–Davis

2011—Mike Johanns, Senator (Nebraska)

2011—A. G. Kawamura, Former California Secretary of Agriculture

2011—Edward B. Knipling, Administrator, Agricultural Research Service

2011—Herb Kohl, Senator (Wisconsin)

2011—Jerry Palen, Sculptor, creator of CAST bronzes

2011—Collin Peterson, Congressman (Minnesota)

2011—Jay Vroom, President and CEO, CropLife America

2012—Saxby Chambliss, Senator (Georgia)

2012—Bob Goodlatte, Congressman (Virginia)

2012—Frank Lucas, Congressman (Oklahoma)

2012—Pat Roberts, Senator (Kansas)

2012–Charles Grassley, Senator (Iowa)

2012–Orion Samuelson, Farm Broadcaster

2012—Ken Quinn, President, World Food Prize Foundation

2013—Deborah Stabenow, Senator (Michigan)

2015—Dean Wendy Wintersteen, Iowa State University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

2016—Susana Fredin, Volunteer Spanish Translator

2017—Don Beitz, CAST Past President

2017—Todd Peterson, CAST Past President

2020—Mark Armfelt, CAST Past President

2020—Dirk Drost, CAST Executive Treasurer

2020—Mark Cochran, CAST Board of Trustees Chair

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