Opportunities with CAST

See below for current employment, internship and volunteer opportunities.

For more information about available opportunities with CAST, please email, aowens@cast-science.org or call 515-292-2125 ext. 232.

CAST Mailing address:  4420-Lincoln Way, Ames, IA  50014


No openings at this time.

Internship and Practicum Opportunities

Communications Intern

The Communications Intern works with the Communications Manager to deliver credible, science-based news about agricultural science and technology through CAST communications. This position also works on developing new communication strategies and evaluating existing strategies. The position is open for an internship or practicum experience and is designed to meet academic requirements. Preference given to students with an agricultural background and currently attending a CAST Education Program member institution. https://cast-science.org/about/cast-sustaining-members/

Applications for the Spring (and Summer) 2024 should be received by November 30, 2022.

Full Position Description

Wage Range: $9.00-$14.00/hour, dependent on experience and ability.

Location: Remote, hybrid, or in-person (Ames, IA)

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10-15 hours/week, flexible schedule, occasional evenings and weekends for special events

To Apply:  

Please send a cover letter, resume, and and 2-3 examples of their communication skills (i.e. blog posts, press releases or articles, short papers [1-5 pages], social media posts, video clips, etc.) electronically or by mail.


Communications Audit

Interested volunteer(s) would complete a content audit to assist CAST Board and Staff in determining the following:

1) Are current versions of CAST products (scientific publications, lesson plans, study guides, webinar videos) reaching our intended audience?
2) What channels are people physically engaging through to access CAST publications and resources?
3) What does engagement look like with CAST and CAST publications beyond likes and shares?
4) What would be recommended metrics to determine reach and engagement?
5) What should we consider as we explore expanding our delivery method of our product (podcasts, infographics, blog, etc.) in terms of metrics, resources, etc.?

Volunteer Type:  Pro-Bono or Skills-Based

Time Commitment:  Estimated 6-9 weeks, flexible schedule

Location: Remote, hybrid, or in-person (Ames, IA)

To Apply:  Email Anne Owens, aowens@cast-science.org

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