2018 Farm Progress Show–Ag, Science, Mud, and the Peterson Brothers

The 2018 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, delivered again–innovative machinery, the latest crop science, political announcements, and weather that ranged from torrential rain to perfect late-summer sunshine. The event provided plenty of entertainment also. Attendees could race miniature cars, tap putt-putt golf balls, and watch a couple of Guinness record events. Performances included the Peterson Brothers (see related links and photo below). The following articles provide just a sampling of the various events: 

Amy Mayer of Harvest Public Media reported that the show provided farmers with the latest toys, tech, and ag talk.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, along with Undersecretary Bill Northey, told attendees the administration is committed to making year-round E15 ethanol sales a reality, and they hope to resolve international trade disputes in a way that does not cause irreparable economic damage to agriculture.     
The “floating tractor” attracted even more attention after a sudden downpour during the first day of the show. Special tires help the tractor cruise on water.   
Experts from the Weed Science Society of America released information about systemwide strategies for protecting soybean export values by reducing weed seeds in harvested soybean crops. 

The Peterson Brothers delivered positive vibes about agriculture at this year’s Farm Progress Show. Along with a safety focus—Call Before Ya Dig–they did favorites such as Chore. Considering the rain the day before, maybe they should have performed Tractorstuck, their homage to mud and machines. 


top pic from youtube.com and bottom pic from Melissa Sly


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