2022 CAST Science Communication Scholarship Recipients

2022 CAST Scholarship Recipients

The CAST Science Communication Scholarship encourages graduate-level student scientists, specifically focusing on careers in agriculture or food sciences, to grow their abilities to communicate with nonscientific audiences. Selected graduate and veterinary medicine students were invited to learn about the application of science communication at the 2022 CAST Annual Meeting held at Iowa State University. This opportunity instilled the importance of science communication by allowing students to participate in CAST’s ongoing work and mission as well as provide students with networking opportunities with like-minded scientists from across the nation.

This year, 13 graduate students from Iowa State University received the CAST Science Communication Scholarship on Wednesday, October 26, during the CAST Annual Meeting in Ames, Iowa. The recipients were nominated by advisors and submitted examples of past communication media. Students were invited to attend other parts of the annual meeting including work group breakout sessions, various tours and speakers, and a tour and meal at the Corteva facility in Johnston, Iowa.

The CAST Science Communications Award is supported by individual donors of CAST.


Kate Borchardt

Plant-bee interaction, community conservation in agricultural landscapes

Borchardt American Entomologist – Reforming Academic Culture – Katherine Borchardt

Grace Carey

Emerging pollutions in runoff from agroecosystems

Grace Carey Authentic Science Crosscutting Concepts

Thomas Donelan

Traffic tolerance of tall fescue turfgrass cultivars under simulated athletic field traffic

Alex Gapinski

Viticultural practice on wine quality, grape and wine chemistry, horticulture, food processing

Alex Gapinski Fall MGWII Newsletter

Ryan Hamberg

Plant science, agronomy, agricultural crop protection, weed science, herbicide resistance management

Dusti Ingles

Experiential learning within agricultural education

Angelos Lagoudakis

Food pricing, experimental economics, individual choice

Jia Liu

Nitrogen cycling in agricultural soil microbiomes

Peer-reviewed publication of Ms. Liu’s research, MetaFunPrimer: an Environment-Specific, High-Throughput Primer Design Tool for Improved Quantification of Target Genes.

Holly Loper

Nutrient losses from agricultural fields

Olivia Meyer

Apple production, smart sprayer technology

ISU-graduate student Liv Meyer’s talk at the 2021 ISU-Horticulture Research Station field day video

Christopher Pudenz

Agricultural economics, industrial organization

Co-authored article, Is there a market for manure?

Abigail Schulte

Biofuels, bioproducts

Caitlyn Wileman

Swine nutrition, sustainability

Caitlyn Wileman Science Communication Academy


*CAST rotates its scholarship eligibility based on the location of its annual meeting. As the scholarship grows, we hope to include and support more students, regardless of the location of our annual meeting.

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