5 Ag-Focused Podcasts You Should Listen To

Podcasts and radio shows are great avenues for digital storytelling, allowing audience members to safely explore topics without taking any risks themselves. And they open up access points to experts in areas the listener is interested in. 

Many of our BCCA recipients, individual members, and organization members either have been guests or have their own series, too. Below, we share some recommended episodes that highlight some major talking points of 2020 so far.

What the Farm: 136 Katie Brown, Dissecting dairy
Hosts Rob Sharkey and Lesley Kell talk with Katie Brown, Ed.D, R.N., of the National Dairy Council about the current dairy dialogue and its comparison to alternative milk choices, and its connection to the environment. Should plants be pitted against animals? Not so, says the hosts and guest. 

Talking Biotech Podcast: 225 – Fake News Survivor, and Coronavirus Update
Dr. Kevin Folta (2016 BCCA recipient) speaks with Dr. Ilaria Capua, an internationally recognized virologist and a work expert in avian influenza and other animal viruses. Dr. Capua advocates for accessible science. In this episode, she talks about the false accusations meant to dismantle her work as a virologist, and she “provides her expert interpretation of the 2019 nCov Coronavirus outbreak, its origin, risks, and concerns.”

Farm Gate: Episode 1 – Ruminant Methane, GWP* & Global Warming
In the first episode of this podcast, the host ffinlo Costain, invited Professor Myles Allen and Dr. John Lynch of Oxford University, and Roland Bonnet, farmer and co-founder of FAI Farms, to discuss the impacts of methane on global warming, as well as a new way of measuring these impacts.

Food Bullying Podcast: Are Chemicals in Food Poisoning You? Episode 25
Agricultural communicator and author Michelle Payne brings in chemical engineer, food scientist, and influencer Erin (a.k.a. Food Science Babe) to talk about chemicals in food—and other important points like the difference between a dietician and a food scientist, understanding there are regulations around food ingredients, and resources to better understand chemical tolerance and residue. 

“‘The dose makes the poison’ applies to every single chemical.” (If you like this episode and want to learn more, we have a 13-page paper about pesticide residues in food you can download at no cost.)

USDA Radio
Ok, so this entry isn’t about a specific show, but it’s a resource with small clips about current happenings in agriculture across the nation and from the USDA. They have regular news clips with crop forecasts and feature stories, like this one about Americans’ love for strawberries—just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

What Are Your Favorite Shows?
There are so many good podcasts and radio shows out there that communicate the science of food and agriculture. If you have any recommendations, let us know on social! Tag us at @CASTagScience.

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