A Message For CAST’s Future

CAST staff and board members congregated at the Don Tyson Center for Agricultural Sciences, University of Arkansas, to discuss the organization’s activities--from 2019 into the future. U of A also hosted tours of their research facilities and two discussion panels related to major research occuring at the university.
Outgoing CAST President Gabe Middleton passes the gavel to new President Juan Tricarico.

In 1972, CAST was created to be a source of credible and trusted scientific information about agricultural topics. That goal has not changed and is, in fact, more important than ever. 

This was Juan Tricarico’s message as he transitioned into the role of CAST President at our annual meeting on October 31 at the University of Arkansas. “Great moments come with great opportunities,” he said. “Our greatest asset becomes our greatest challenge.”

Juan was referring to the way our society has come to consume information–digitally through our mobile devices, ever at the ready to inform us of whatever topics grab our attention. 

As Juan emphasized, the current preferred form of content consumption is effortless and quick–it is also easier to disregard accurate information and mistake misleading content as credible. 

In his address to the board members of CAST and invited guests from the host institution, the University of Arkansas, Juan had a clear message: “CAST must continue building on its strengths: its history, scientific rigor, reputation, and membership.”

A Resonating Theme

While Juan’s speech came at the end of the three-day meeting, his message resonated as the theme for our time in Arkansas. The sessions were filled with fervor focused on enhancing our communication strategies while staying true to the roots our founders laid for us more than 47 years ago.

This could be seen through the questions and comments made during the plant- and animal-focused tours, the panel discussions about blockchain technology’s role in the food production system and the future of protein sources, and through the recognition of the 10 CAST Science Communication Scholarship recipients. (You can view their work here.)

Include Yourself in Our Mission

As we move forward into another year of producing content aimed to provide clear, credible scientific information, you can expect us to stay true to our mission and engage with you in new ways. 

If you believe in our mission, we invite you to make a gift or become a member before the end of the year to receive a charitable tax deduction for your support. Learn more on our membership page

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