A New DCO Era

This fall CAST is welcoming Anne Owens as the new Director of Council Operations. This position was previously held by Melissa Sly, who is semi-retiring and reducing hours at CAST, but has taken on the new role of helping with special projects at the office.

Anne is from central Iowa, where she grew up on a family Christmas tree farm and small crop farm growing corn and beans. Through 4-H she was introduced to volunteering and has spent her career working in a variety of nonprofit organizations engaging volunteers, delivering programs, and agency administration. Anne has degrees from the University of Northern Iowa and Winona State University. In 2020, she earned her Certificate in Volunteer Administration. She has worked with many different communities as she and her husband, Todd, a dairy nutritionist, moved through the upper Midwest and New England states.

Anne has worked in higher education, the American Red Cross, several YMCA’s, a local senior citizen center, and a land conservancy. Most recently she was the Director of the Volunteer Center of Story County in Ames, Iowa, where she was responsible for engaging 3,000+ volunteers a year in the local community. When she and her husband aren’t working, they enjoy traveling, spending time with their family, and catering to Lucy, the dog who rules the house. 

Anne is excited to be joining the team at CAST. She knows that agriculture in all of its forms is essential to any community, and is looking forward to bringing her experience with volunteers and nonprofits together with her interest in the role agriculture plays in today’s society.

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