CAST History

“Remembering Our Past ~ Ensuring Our Future” is the theme for the 40th Anniversary of CAST in 2012.  We are a unique organization with a very important mission.  Today, we continue to strive to assemble, interpret, and communicate credible science-based information as CAST has done continuously since 1972.

Click on the links below to view our 40th anniversary publication, CAST Paper No. 1, Agricultural Science and the Public, written by Norman E. Borlaug, and a CAST article honoring Dr. Borlaug, The Man Who Fed the World, at the time of his death in 2009. We hope you enjoy these documents of CAST history, and we welcome your ideas to strengthen our future.

CAST History

Agricultural Science and the Public – written by Dr. Norman Borlaug

CAST Honors the “Man Who Fed the World,” Longstanding Advocate for CAST – a tribute to Dr. Borlaug

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