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Norman Borlaug UPDATE:  March 26, 2013click here for an article about the celebration of Norman Borlaug’s 99th birthday and the statue going up at the beautiful Hall of Laureates. Also check out the World Food Prize site for more information. The blog entry below–from last October–provides a bit more about this fascinating agriculturalist and global hero.

This week’s blog features information and links about the World Food Prize and the Borlaug CAST Communication Award. The reason? These events are part of concerted efforts to communicate the importance of agriculture and its mission to feed the world. The award winners inspire others to work toward these goals—they and the hundreds of other participants involved with these events are part of the hands-on spirit of agriculture.  
Norman Borlaug got his hands dirty while developing wheat varieties and working in field labs, and his efforts are credited with saving millions of people. But he knew it would take more to thwart mass hunger.  In the 1980s, he “envisioned a prize that would honor those who have made significant and measurable contributions to improving the world’s food supply. Beyond recognizing these people for their personal accomplishments, Borlaug saw the prize as a means of establishing role models who would inspire others.”  Since then, dedicated enthusiasts such as Ambassador Kenneth Quinn have turned the World Food Prize into the “Nobel Prize of Agriculture.”
During the week of October16-20, world leaders, scientists, and agriculturalists will gather in Des Moines, Iowa, for the twenty-sixth annual World Food Prize Forum. The prize honors outstanding individuals who have made vital contributions to improving the quality, quantity, or availability of food throughout the world. The 2012 World Food Prize will be awarded to Dr. Daniel Hillel for his role in conceiving and implementing a radically new mode of bringing water to crops i­­n arid and dry land regions–known as “micro-irrigation.”
More than 1,500 participants from at least 70 countries are expected to take part in the week-long World Food Prize series of events, including the Iowa Hunger Summit, the Borlaug Dialogue international symposium, the Laureate Award Ceremony, and the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute. Click here for information about the World Food Prize.
Dr. Carl Winter
The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has become significantly involved with the annual World Food Prize event, and during a Wednesday, October 17, morning session, CAST will present its Borlaug CAST Communication Award (BCCA). With Croplife Foundation helping to sponsor the award, CAST EVP/CEO John Bonner will present the impressive BCCA sculpture to Dr. Carl Winter. A well-known scientist, writer, and speaker, Winter will not receive his award passively. The man is known as an entertainer, and he won’t be able to take hold of the trophy without turning to the songs, parody, and humor he routinely uses to inform others about nutrition and food safety. For a taste of his methods, click here for a short bio and example of his parodies.  by dan gogerty
Check the CAST website for information about these awards and for access to ag publications and news items.

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