Another Top Agricultural School Joins CAST Education Program

Agriculture and food production benefit immensely from the programs, research, and career opportunities provided at quality schools throughout the country. 


CAST-Education-MembersWith the recent addition of North Carolina A&T, the CAST Education Program now has 18 respected universities as members. Faculty members and students receive credible ag/science information and publications–but the relationship is also a chance for these schools to communicate with various participants in the world of agriculture.

The newest member, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, began as a land-grant school in 1890, and it includes an award-winning faculty, intensive research programs, and community-focused initiatives. 

The university’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences has a rich history of innovation and application of cutting-edge technology. An example of the university’s community involvement is the Small Farms Task Force, a new program designed to help limited-resource and minority small farmers. 

As this video demonstrates, the NC A&T Aggies are involved with a wide variety of science and agricultural pursuits. The CAST community looks forward to working with this exciting educational institution.

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