BCCA Event Features Science and Communication

Alexa Lamm Wins AwardFrank Mitloehner Delivers Keynote Address

The annual announcement of the Borlaug CAST Communication Award is always a celebrated occasion, and this year’s event featured insightful comments, a science-based presentation, and the naming of Dr. Alexa Lamm as this year’s winner.

Alexa Lamm “translates science” for all ages.

Lamm is an Associate Professor of Science Communication at the University of Georgia, and she has a long list of accomplishments as a scientist, educator, and writer. Known nationally and internationally as an acclaimed research scholar, colleagues and associates praise her intelligence and hard work—and they note that she is a “skilled translator”—Lamm has a way of making tech and science accessible for all, from policymakers to the general public. Click here to read more about Lamm’s accomplishments.

Lamm is pleased to join an impressive group of BCCA winners, and she is ready to add the award to the methods she employs to pass on clear, useful information. As she said, “What an incredible opportunity to spread the word of the importance of science communication.”

This year’s announcement came during a webinar that featured opening remarks from USDA Deputy Undersecretary for Research, Education, and Economics Dr. Scott Hutchins. He focused on the legacy of Norman Borlaug and the USDA’s efforts to continue supporting the food supply through science and innovations. CAST EVP Kent Schescke then introduced the featured speaker and  2019 BCCA winner, Frank Mitloehner.

Frank Mitloehner explains how livestock can help, not hurt, climate change.

Professor Mitloehner (UC-Davis) is respected internationally for his work as a livestock scientist and air quality specialist. He wants to dispel the myth that U.S. livestock is a major emitter of greenhouse gases, and in his science-based presentation, he made it clear that food animals are not adding to carbon in the atmosphere. “Unlike fossil fuels, livestock emissions balance out.”

Mitloehner used graphs and diagrams to explain specifics about methane, carbon dioxide, the biogenic carbon cycle, and more. But his main point was that “livestock can be a part of the solution” to climate change.

For more about Mitloehner, check out this news article or search the internet for the many stories about his influence in the realm of science and agriculture. Mitloehner is an active communicator, and his messages can be found on his Twitter account and blog site

CAST President Juan Tricarico (Dairy Management Inc.) thanked Mitloehner for an excellent presentation, then explained the difficulty the nomination committee has in selecting a BCCA winner from many worthy candidates. As he announced the selection of Alexa Lamm, Tricarico emphasized how she “embodies all aspects” of a true science communicator.

Julie Borlaug represented the CropLife Foundation, the sponsors of the BCCA. She mentioned that “the Borlaug family has a long history with CAST,” and she emphasized the “importance of science and data in agriculture work.” With her own skills as a scientist and communicator, Borlaug pointed out the need to inform the public, science communities, and policymakers.

Schescke closed the event, and his words sum up the positive, forward-thinking spirit that came from the BCCA event: “I am pleased to add my congratulations to Dr. Alexa Lamm, as the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communications Award winner. CAST is honored to add her name to the list of distinguished recipients of this award. We look forward to working with her this next year to advance science communications about food and agriculture to broader audiences.”

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