Busy Week for BCCA Winner

The presentation for the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communication Award (BCCA) was held on October 13. CAST hosted the presentation and CropLife Foundation sponsored the award. Dr. Lamm had a busy week as she also spoke during the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue on October 14.

Immediately after receiving the 2020 BCCA, Dr. Alexa Lamm put policy into practice and delivered an insightful presentation regarding the importance of ag/science communication in challenging times. Lamm provided science-based advice about how to consider audiences, messages, channels, and sources. A video of her presentation, informational slides, and the Q&A session is available here.

Kent Schescke (CAST EVP), Barbara Stinson (World Food Prize Foundation President), Julie Borlaug (INARI and CropLife Foundation), and Nick Place (University of Georgia Dean of CAES) all cited Lamm’s accomplishments and her abilities to “make science available for everyone.” Schescke explained the BCCA legacy and CAST’s role in communication; Stinson noted CAST’s connection with the wide influence and importance of the World Food Prize; Borlaug used a quote from her grandfather–”Take it to the farmer.” – and added her own twist–”Take it to the public.”–to set the stage for Lamm’s presentation; and Place pointed out some of Lamm’s specific skills and accomplishments.

Lamm also used a Norman Borlaug quote during her session–”There are no miracles in agricultural production” turned into “There are no miracles in communicating about science and agriculture.” As Lamm demonstrates, it takes hard work, critical thinking, credible information, and a desire to ensure that the science community serves humanity.

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