CAST Launches Webinar Series on FIFRA and ESA: Register Now for the First Session

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) proudly announces the commencement of an insightful series of six webinars focusing on the pivotal roles of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in balancing agricultural practices with environmental preservation. This initiative is part of CAST’s commitment to enhance knowledge and foster informed discussions on key agricultural issues.

Inaugural Webinar Details:

Date & Time: Nov. 28, 12-1 p.m. CST

Title: “FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act: Finding a Balance Between Agricultural Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability and Regulatory Stability”

Focus: The history and challenges of FIFRA and ESA and the quest for regulatory balance.

Speakers: Bernalyn McGaughey (President, Compliance Services International), Stanley Culpepper (Professor, University of Georgia)

CAST Liaison: Tony Burd (Senior Regulatory Stewardship Manager, Syngenta)

About the Publication:
This first webinar is based on an essay exploring the historical challenges and operational differences between FIFRA and ESA. It emphasizes the need for a revised approach to bridge these laws effectively, ensuring successful consultations and predictable regulatory environments. The essay critically examines past regulatory decisions, proposing future strategies for sustainable, science-based solutions.

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Webinar Schedule and Topics

November 28

FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act: Finding a Balance Between Agricultural Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, and Regulatory Stability 

This webinar will cover the history and challenges of FIFRA and the ESA.  

December 19

This webinar will explore the legal analysis of the FIFRA/ESA process over time. It will cover the legal aspects of both the ESA and FIFRA and the process that EPA has used to meet those obligations in the past with a look at how that differs from its current proposal. 

January 9

Improving the Science Behind the Process: Implementing Better Data and Tools to Streamline the FIFRA/ESA Process 

This webinar will cover the threat of pesticides on species listed on the ESA, how science can better inform FIFRA and ESA assessments, and how the FIFRA/ESA process can be streamlined. 

January 30

Developing and Adopting Economically Effective Mitigation Strategies: Critical to the Survival of Agriculture and Endangered Species 

This webinar will cover the intersection of pesticide registration and mitigation measures, the role of conservation programs in mitigation pesticide movement, as well as best practices for land management. 

February 20

FIFRA, ESA and Pesticide Consultation: Understanding and Addressing the Complexities 

This webinar will cover the complexities and issues of pesticide use labeling, such as use in different geographies, what is practical for pesticide appliers, and lack of harmonization. Possible solutions to address these complexes will also be discussed. 

March 12

The topic of this webinar is the role of states in the implementation and regulation of FIFRA. Exact content will be announced later.

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