CAST Sponsors Events in Washington, D.C., to Highlight New Commentary about Biofuels

On Monday, September 13,  Dr. John Bonner of CAST hosted a morning event in the United States Department of Agriculture Whitten Building with Dr. Jerry Fruin presenting the latest installment of CAST’s series regarding the convergence of agriculture and energy. The fourth paper, Infrastructure Considerations for Biomass Harvest, Transportation, and Storage, focuses on the logistics needed to make the biofuels program a success. To access this paper, click HERE
CAST sponsored a second event at noon, a “Lunch-N-Learn” seminar presented by NC-FAR.  Dr. Fruin covered key points from the paper regarding the specifics of harvest, transportation, and storage in the biofuels chain. Because many think biomass crops and residue will largely replace fossil fuels, the logistics of how best to perform the process are crucial. Dr. Fruin and his team used data and case studies to look at possible solutions for the planning, design, management, and operation of the biomass infrastructure. News Release 

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