CAST to Release Comprehensive Paper on FIFRA and ESA at the CropLife & RISE Regulatory Conference

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) announces the release of a compilation paper, “FIFRA, ESA, and Pesticide Consultation: Understanding and Addressing the Complexities,” during the CropLife & RISE Regulatory Conference in Washington, DC, on April 17.

Join us in Studio D from 1-2:30 PM EST for the paper release and panel discussion with Bernalyn McGaughey (Compliance Services International), Stanley Culpepper (University of Georgia), Ashlea Frank (Compliance Services International), Michael Aerts (Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association), Leah Duzy (Compliance Services International), and Austin Gellings (Association of Equipment Manufacturers – AEM).

This paper is the culmination of a series of six webinars that explored the pivotal roles of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in striking a balance between agricultural efficiency, environmental sustainability, and regulatory stability. The webinars, which began on November 28, 2023, brought together experts from various fields to discuss the challenges, legal aspects, scientific advancements, economic strategies, and complexities surrounding pesticide consultation processes.

The titles and focuses of the webinars were as follows:

  1. FIFRA and the Endangered Species Act: Finding a Balance – History and challenges of FIFRA and the ESA.
  2. A Legal Discussion of the FIFRA/ESA Consultation Process Over Time – Legal aspects and the EPA’s consultation process.
  3. Improving the Science Behind the Process – The impact of pesticides on endangered species and streamlining the FIFRA/ESA process.
  4. Developing and Adopting Economically Effective Mitigation Strategies – Pesticide registration, conservation programs, and land management best practices.
  5. FIFRA, ESA and Pesticide Consultation: Understanding and Addressing the Complexities – Issues in pesticide use labeling and potential solutions.
  6. State Regulatory Agencies as Conduit for Informing Local Conditions in Federal Pesticide Processes – Responsibilities of pesticide State Lead Agencies and suggestions for improving pesticide program activities related to the ESA.

This initiative is part of CAST’s commitment to enhancing knowledge and fostering informed discussions on key agricultural issues. We invite all stakeholders, policymakers, scientists, and industry professionals to join us in Washington, DC, for the release of this significant paper, which promises to provide valuable insights and recommendations for the future of pesticide consultation processes.

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