Cuba and Ag, Checkoff Called Off, Cowboy Nuns, and Dog Mania

Light Up a Cigar? Cuba, Politics, and Agriculture:  Not all agree with President Obama’s statements regarding a thaw with Cuba, but it has been near unanimous approval from major farm and commodity organizations. Several issued positive statements about the outlook for increased agricultural exports to the island nation.

Checkoff the Checkoff:  Agriculture Secretary Vilsack said the USDA will not pursue efforts to create another checkoff under the 1996 commodity promotion law.

Cattle Ranching Is a Habit at this Abbey:  Nuns at an abbey in Colorado raise cattle, water buffalo, and llamas. According to the nuns, llamas chase away mountain lions to protect the cattle.

Hands Down–the Best Pet Video Lately:  This link provides the “pets at the table with human hands “ clip and a fascinating “making of” segment.

Speaking of dogs, these two blogs look at farm dogs and human foibles.

Many of the Best in Show Dogs Live Down on the Farm
During my youth, we had several dogs, and some people might take issue with our nurturing techniques, but we never mistreated them. They were generally mutts, some strays, some passed on from neighbors, but the basic routine was this:  When we were kids, a dog would be in the front yard every morning when we emerged from the house; it would slobber, yip, and tag along with us all day; it would be a member of our football team and a part of any snowball fight although it wasn’t good at throwing things; and if I could talk my younger brothers into it, the dog would take alternate licks from their tootsie roll pops as we sat on the front step in the summer heat.
Wanted: A Dog Owner Whisperer
What is it about dogs? I grew up running pastures and playing in snow banks with several good farm dogs, but jobs and travel have kept me from owning dogs since, so I marvel at what people will do for a dog that, for all intents and purposes, has become a member of the family.
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