Cyber Porch—Cattle Feed Controversy, Blood Donor Horse, and Piranha-nado

Some folks used to sit on the front porch, sharing news and stories. Now most of us sit Dilbert-style in a cubicle as the digital world surges at us. Here are three ag-related stories we’re talking about today on our front porch. 

1.   The beef industry has been wrestling with the feed additive issue—the use of beta agonists. This article looks at recent developments and includes comments from Temple Grandin.
2.   We human blood donors are humbled by this animal’s exploits. As you’ll see in this video, Hercules the horse lives up to his heroic name. He donates life-saving blood and serves as a fund-raising mascot.  
3.   70 beach-loving Argentineans paid the price when a pack of piranha attacked the swimmers, resulting in bites and even a loss of fingers. I suppose film-makers are producing Piranha-nado now.  
by dan gogerty (pic from

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