Cyber Porch—Farm Bill Metaphors and Wartime Posters

Folks used to sit on the porch shootin’ the breeze. For many now, the porch is a cubicle and the breeze is digital. These are a few of the stories floating around our cyber porch today.

Mixed Metaphors:  The Farm Bill is ….
This Drovers Cattle Network article compares the Farm Bill to taking out the trash. We appreciate any ideas, because the process is so glacial we at CAST have started repeating our worn out cliches. We used the obvious–summits to climb, mazes to negotiate, frozen zones that need thawing. We tried animals–hibernating bears, rare creatures that need to be stalked carefully, and chimeras. We even considered getting cosmic–black holes and Klingon death traps. Our only hope to avoid death by metaphor is a passage of the Farm Bill. 

Farm Animals in the Neighborhood:  Debates in Michigan highlight the disagreements about the issue of small-scale farming operations in urban and suburban areas. For a look at a specific type of small-scale farming, check out the blog Which Came First? Backyard Chickens or Varied Reasons for Having Them?

Keepin’ ‘Em Healthy:  This site rounded up 12 wartime government-issued food posters, but they’re not sure they’d be following them today. 

Service on January 20:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?'”  This site gives a few suggestions among the many possibilities. 
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