Cyber Porch—Farmer Selfies, Biofuel Research, and Animals Tweeting

Some folks used to sit on the front porch, sharing news and stories. Now most of us sit Dilbert-style in a cubicle as the digital world surges at us. Here are three ag-related stories we’re talking about today on our front porch. 

     1.    Farmer Selfie—if we can’t ignore it, we may as well use it. So the award winning ag blogger Ryan Goodman set up a farmerselfie account, and the results are pouring in.

2.    Understanding Biofuels—respected researcher Robert Brown clearly explains corn-based ethanol and impacts of biofuels
      3.   Animals on Social Media—Aussies have tagged sharks so they send out tweets when they get close to a beach, and in Australia, sharks have a nasty way of ruining a day at the beach. This reminds us of an earlier story about animals on social media: the Swiss receive text messages from dairy cows. They implant sensors in cows to let farmers know when they are in heat—when the cows are in heat, not the farmers.

by dan gogerty (top pic from, cow pic from

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