Cyber Porch—Pig Stalls, Soggy Cereal, and Solar Blooms in the Nuclear Waste

Some folks used to sit on the front porch, sharing news and stories. Now most of us sit Dilbert-style in a cubicle as the digital world surges at us. Here are three ag-related stories we’re talking about today on our front porch.  

What Does the Pig Say?  Smithfield Foods recommends that all of its contract sow growers join with the company in converting their facilities to group housing systems for pregnant sows. For background information and a bit of porcine humor, access this blog about the hog housing controversy

Why Cheerios are on the Discussion Menu: This editorial writer and others have opinions about the General Mills decision to eliminate GMOs. 

Solar Sprouts:  A renewable energy village, complete with growing crops, has taken root in farmland contaminated by radiation fallout from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster.

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