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"annual donation to support CAST"

- Jacobs, Lee

"This is for my Individual Membership."

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"memorial for kris sanders"

- Neuschafer, Brandon

"Memorial for Kris Sanders"

- Schescke, Kent

"In memory of Kris Sanders"

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"Memorial contribution for Kris Sanders"

- Johnson, Melissa

"GMO Donation"
"GMO donation"

- Middleton, Gabe

"general support of the mission of CAST - att: Melissa Sly - part of the GMO\'S"

- Kerr, Sara Lynn

"Kris Sanders"
"GMOs donation "

- Drost, Dirk

"This is for the GMOs (Grand Messengers of Science)"

- Reichert, Nancy

"Keep up the good work!"

- Fury, Tommy

"Please make sure my email address is on your subscription list! Keep up the good work! Robb Fraley"

- Fraley, Robert

"Thank you for communicating the value of science!"

- Anonymous

"Donation to support shipping and handling fees of CAST Issue Papers"

- Valinski, Madeline

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Your donation to CAST helps support the CAST mission of communicating science to meet the challenge of producing enough food, fiber and fuel for a growing population. Every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated.