Fat, Tech, McFly, and the Marshmallow Market

Fat Chance:  
New research about fat continues to generate debate, as statisticians, doctors, nutritional experts, journalists, biochemists, and others debate what the findings mean and what, if any, changes people should make in their diets. 
Great Scott–Tech Time:   
Now that Marty McFly and his Back to the Future antics have made it to the real 2015, how do the predictions stand up? And what new tech might actually have any impact as this new year unfolds?
The News Hangover–2014: 
Many agriculture communications groups provide a last look at 2014 with their “most prominent stories” lists. Here are three respected groups with their opinions of the goods, bads, and uglies of the year gone by.
** Farm Journal (top blog posts)   
** AgriPulse  
** AgWeb 
Marshmallow Market Goes Soft: 
This Carolina farmer explains the dire situation surrounding the failing marshmallow crop–and he considers switching to spaghetti trees instead. 
dan gogerty (pic from ibtimes.co.in)

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