FIFRA/ESA Webinar 4: Watch the Recording and Download the Slides

If you couldn’t make it to our recent webinar on “Developing and Adopting Economically Effective Pesticide Mitigation Strategies: Critical to the Survival of Agriculture and Endangered Species,” watch the recorded session and downloading the presentation slides.

Key Insights from the Webinar: The webinar delved into the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) endeavors to fulfill its obligations under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) within the complex landscape of pesticide registration and reregistration. The 2022 Workplan, titled “Balancing Wildlife Protection and Responsible Pesticide Use,” outlines the EPA’s vision, emphasizing the crucial need to mitigate potential impacts on ESA-listed species.

The challenge lies in developing a mitigation approach that not only meets statutory obligations but also considers economic feasibility, environmental sustainability, and practicality for agricultural entities. The paper underscores the risks faced by family farms and the importance of transparent, scientifically sound, and flexible mitigation measures developed in collaboration with stakeholders.

Download the slides

Watch the webinar:

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