Forthcoming CAST Publications

As of April 2023

· Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts of Implementing Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture at Scale

· RNA Interference Technology in Agriculture: Methods, Applications, and Governance

· Review of Mycotoxin Impacts: Balancing Economic Costs with Animal and Human Health Adverse Effects Worldwide

· The Impact of Biogenic Methane from Ruminants on Climate Change

· Harmful Algal Blooms: Causes, Effects, and Mitigation

· Applications, Benefits, and Challenges of Gene Edited Crops

· Precision Irrigation Management Technologies

· Food Safety of Marijuana and CBD Edible Products

· Impact to Agricultural Advances of Missing or Misaligned Maximum Residue Levels: Options to Enable a Fair and Secure Food Supply to the World

· Preventing the Next Invasive Plant: Opportunities and Challenges

· Soil Health and the Hydrologic Cycle

· Food Safety, Traceability, and Transparency through the Food Supply Chain

· Integrated Management of Fire-adapted Invasive Plants Responsible for Changing Wildfire Regimes

· Surfactants in Agriculture

· Practical Understanding of Broadband Technologies for Agriculture

· Animal and Plant Source Protein as Part of a Balanced Diet

· Ecosystem Service Market Impact on Farm Practice Changes and Needs for Success

· FIFRA, ESA, and Pesticide Consultation: Understanding and Addressing the Complexities

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